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Creatr is the global creative platform that makes it simple for content creators to license and sell your creative work. We aim to help content creators reclaim their creative prowess and unlock true creative control with the Creatr’s worry-free licensing as the backbone of their content creation business.
Yes! You can try Creatr for free. For content creators who license and sold Content on our site, in connection with the Content you post on our platform, you will be paid ninety percent (90%) of the license fee purchased by each user. Creatr shall receive a ten percent (10%) platform fee for use of our Service. Whether you elect to discontinue using our Service or your account is terminated (for violations of the Terms), you will be paid for any licensing activities of your Content up through the date of termination.

There are two main reasons why you should license your creative work.

Own and Protect Your Work – Media licenses prevent people from using your content for any purposes without your approval. With the appropriate license, such as the license obtained from Creatr, you can properly protect your creative work or take legal action or litigation on anyone who uses your creative work without your permission.

Earn Passive Income — and the reason why we started Creatr in the first place — is that through media licensing we’ve offered a whole new way for creators to earn money from their content. By giving legal permission to use their work, we’re in turn creating a brand new income stream that can help creators earn more money from their passion projects and fund their next creative project.

A worry-free license is a royalty-free license. This means that once a one-time license fee has been paid to the content creator, you do not have to pay royalties to them while you use the content. In other words, the one-time license fee payments cover the duration of the license.

At the moment, Creatr provides the following licenses:

• Personal License: A type of license suitable for individuals. Like its name, it does not permit any form of monetization of the content but may only be used for personal purposes.
• Commercial License: A type of license usually suitable for brands and businesses. It permits the content to be monetized but only to an extent.
• Editorial License: A type of license that is issued by media companies, broadcasters, and publishers, which allows the content to be used for editorial purposes only.
• Public Domain Dedication: A free license for everyone. It allows the content to be used by anyone without restrictions, payments, and conditions.

You can learn more about each of these Licenses and their restrictions by reviewing our Licensing page.

The license Creatr provides are “perpetual licenses” – meaning that once you pay the licensing fee, you can use our license indefinitely (unless Creatr terminate the license for breaching of the license agreement).

Please, note: This “indefinite use” applies only to the purpose for which the license was acquired. It does not extend to any other projects or purposes.

If you become aware that the licensee misuses the license according to the licensing agreement, then you will have the right to terminate the license agreement by reaching out directly to the licensor and/or report it to our Support. We will launch an investigation and act in accordance with the licensing agreement. We will then instruct the licensee to cease using the content, delete any copies on applicable media, and (if requested) they’ll confirm that they have complied with the termination instructions.


Creatr is the global creative platform that makes it simple for content creators to license, protect, and exhibit their incredible work.

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